Monday, August 27, 2007


The Arizona Taxpayers Action Committee (ATAC) today announced that it is endorsing Jon Altmann for Phoenix City Council, District 3.

Jon Altmann is a Phoenix native and Arizona State University graduate. His family moved to Council District 3 in 1971. In 1974, his first effort helped neighbors lobby for and get improved fire and emergency medical protection. Since then, he has led neighborhood efforts in the Valley, including serving on Phoenix's Village Planning Committee for the past four years. His professional business life has included the experience of a top national corporate marketing executive of a publicly traded company.

ATAC is endorsing Altmann because he holds the best hope for keeping city government constrained to its charter and taxes within reason. He opposes Proposition 3, which would allow the Phoenix government and your taxes to grow without limit.

“Rising property values should not be viewed by government as a signal to significantly increase the size and cost of government. City government exists to provide the essential services of public safety, transportation and public works. It should not look to duplicate the role of the state or Federal government. City officials have an obligation to present a detailed budget and illustrate the debt obligations,” says Altmann.

Chad Kirkpatrick, Chairman of ATAC, commented on the Phoenix city council, “There are currently no friends of the taxpayer on the Phoenix city council. We hope that with the election of Jon Altmann in district three, taxpayers will finally have a voice on the city council.”

The Arizona Taxpayer’s Action Committee is a political action committee affiliated with the Arizona Federation of Taxpayers and is dedicated to electing candidates who will work towards expanding economic growth and prosperity for all Arizonans.

To help the Arizona Taxpayer Action Committee fight for responsible government, supporters are encouraged to send a donation to:

Arizona Taxpayer Action Committee
Attn: Treasurer
6549 E. Snowdon St.
Mesa, AZ 85215

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Anonymous said...

why did he flip on Prop 1? and since he did, why is AZTAC endorsing him?