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April 5, 2018

It’s time – no, it’s way past time – to call it quits to the miscarriage of justice Maricopa County has caused against two former attorneys in the County Attorney’s Office. Lisa Aubuchon and Rachael Alexander were fired, prosecuted and had their law licenses suspended following the botched investigation and prosecution of then-County Board of Supervisors Don Stapley and Mary Rose Wilcox, and the unwise decision to go after corrupt County judges. Those decisions were made by Lisa’s and Rachael’s boss, then-County Attorney Andy Thomas and also then-County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Without reliving the entire episode, while all that unfolded at the time, the American Post-Gazette watched these activities play out, and while we supported Thomas’ and Arpaio’s efforts to prosecute Stapley and Wilcox, who each were indicted for dozens of crimes, we opposed Thomas going after the judges.

But all that is beside the point. Lisa and Rachael were doing their jobs; nothing illegal or unethical. Lisa and Rachael were swept up in an apparent attempt by the County to slam the hammer on Thomas and Arpaio for daring to go after County judges. Stapley and Wilcox were the greatest benefactors of the revenge against the investigations when a Pima County judge ruled Thomas’ efforts were politically motivated (regardless of whether there was any truth to the charges). Thomas resigned to run for State Attorney General; Arpaio ran again and won; but Lisa and Rachael were left holding the bag and huge attorney bills – plus their suspensions.
It’s past time for our current County Attorney Bill Montgomery and our current County Board of Supervisors to call an end to this ridiculousness. Although a court ruled the County is not required to pay their expenses for what Rachael correctly calls a “vendetta” and a “disciplinary show against us,” Montgomery needs to recommend and the Board needs to step up and do the right thing – pay Lisa’s and Rachael’s costs, clear their names and their records. If not, then let there be a warning to anyone who would consider working for the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office – even if you follow orders and do your job, if political winds change the County will not have your back.

Yours in the Cause of Truth,

A. Hamilton

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