Monday, April 9, 2018

GOP activist Wes Harris responds to waste of tax dollars on political witch hunt by county supervisors and county attorney


For three years now I have spoken and written to each of you regarding what I personally felt was a gross miscarriage of justice on the part of The County of Maricopa not standing behind their employees in the case of Lisa Aubuchon (once the #2 Attorney in the County Attorney's Office) and Rachael Alexander.  Prior to all that went down, well before any of you took office, I received a verbal promise from the then County Chairman that under no circumstances would he allow the County to settle out of court regarding the claims from then Supervisors Mary Rose Wilcox and Don Stapley.  Well we all know where that promise went and the Citizens of Maricopa County never got their day in court and these two walked away with millions of our tax payer dollars for their trouble.  We also know that the two County Attorneys noted above have been dragged through the mud and virtually bankrupted as a reward for doing what they were charged to do and have become the scap goats on this entire sad case.

As I noted, I contacted each of you numerous times and, frankly, only two of you responded in any way and those responses were to basically wash your hands of the problem.  I asked each of you to just sit down and talk one on one with Rachel and Lisa and none of you would agree to even do that.  Since none of you, including our current County Attorney Bill Montgomery whom I count as a personal friend, were there at the time, I again ask:  Isn't it time that we end this and give these two competent attorney's their lives back?  Surely there is enough evidence that this as been a gross miscarriage and each of you can finally do what I strongly believe is the right thing to do...if nothing more than to stop the hemeage of our Tax Payer Dollars.  Won't you please at least sit down with them and hear them out?  I don't understand why that seems to much to ask.

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