Friday, March 24, 2017

Yet another DES employee tells wrongly fired director Tim Jeffries how bad things have gotten again

Dear Director J. aka Fearless Leader,

I have been meaning to pen you an email to share the troubles and agony we continue to face day-in and day-out at what was once the Great DES.  Ever since your forced departure, things have just not been the same.  Colleagues are no longer colleagues; we are numbers and metrics of robotic lean procedures.  As much as standardization is needed to be part of production, without the humanity effect and leadership, we are just a count on the employee roster.

As you have seen, we are no longer allowed to smile, let alone have the drive to praise a “You’re Awesome” in fear of retaliation or hatred of your loving philosophy. Mr. Smiley has been slowly disappearing from our offices and have slowly been fainting into our memoirs of happiness.  The decision to rehire bullies and lairs was a huge slap in the face to those of us who suffered from their bureaucratic legacy. The lack of communication of who now calls himself our “Director”, pusillanimous hides behind his monitor and keyboard, without any intent to even interact with anyone who crosses his path.  The repaint of the bollards, along with the audacious email regarding Merit payments, seem nothing more than what I deem to be blowing hot air, as if there is actual true meaning behind the words.  I find it hilarious to be called “Stewards of taxpayer dollars” when we can’t even hold accountability to those who bought HeaPlus. The struggles we face every day with a system that doesn’t help with our numbers, let alone serve our clients.  Is absolutely embarrassing!

Well, enough about the bureaucracy of ignorance, I hope things have been great in your new endeavor. Keep fighting for the poor. We miss you!

God Bless you always!

Fellow servant in Christ.

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