Friday, March 24, 2017

Rep. Schweikert of House Freedom Caucus explains why he's supporting GOP's Obamacare replacement

The lamestream media is furiously reporting that the House Freedom Caucus opposes the Republican's replacement for Obamacare, but that's simply not true. Rep. Schweikert, perhaps the wonkiest member of the caucus, is supporting the bill because it is desperately needed and probably as good as it's going to get due to problems it will run into in the Senate.

He explained to NPR that the quibbling is mostly over changes to the individual purchasing market - but that's only 2 percent of Schweikert's district; most people purchase their healthcare through their employer. The key is lowering premiums, that's the biggest problem facing most Americans. We're not doing enough to deal with the cost drivers.

Arizona have seen 116% premium increases in some counties, and there's only one healthcare provider to choose from under Obamacare in Arizona.

Once the bill gets to the Senate, it becomes a strangled mechanism. There's reconciliation, dealing with regulatory side, and 51 vote mechanics limits the types of language you can put in the legislation.

The fight over Obamacare was Republicans vs. Democrats, and it's still Republicans vs. Democrats, but there also regional variances; some locations within Medicaid populations are receiving lots of subsidies.

The majority of the 24 million without healthcare are those who chose not to purchase healthcare - they have the right not to purchase it. There needs to be enough optionality so people can choose which parts of healthcare they want to purchase, not everyone needs a Cadillac plan.

Listen to the NPR interview

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