Thursday, January 26, 2017

Tim Jeffries: How I transformed DES and got fired

Tim has a great piece in the Republic explaining his side of the story. Some excerpts:

In February 2015, Kirk Adams, the governor’s chief of staff, shared it would take me “two years to dent the culture” at the antiquated DES. I chuckled at his well-intended defeatism because I had successfully transformed several ventures in my 30-year career.
I shared “it will only take me two months to dent the culture.” In fact, I knew I could transform the culturally bankrupt calcified bureaucracy within two years.
Within 550 days of my spirited start, I had joyfully visited every one of the 164 DES locations and sites in Arizona, the sixth largest state in America.
Untouchable bureaucrats “resigned.” Clique-perpetuating managers were exited. Bullies, racists, sexual harassers and slackers were ousted. Fraudsters were arrested. Poor performers were coached up and coached out when necessary.
Close to 4,000 colleagues received raises; most had never received one. 
DES policies and procedures were slashed by 50 percent. Project Quantum Leap was commenced. One hundred archaic custom IT systems would be retired within two years. Taxpayers would save $200 million over five years.
I will always be grateful for the more than1,000 DES colleagues who that contacted me after my exit. 
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