Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Former DES Director Tim Jeffries exposes anti-Catholicism, bad players

Timothy Jeffries, KM
Former Director, Arizona DES


The two months of unrelenting hyper-negative press was a MANUFACTURED CRISIS designed to bleed me publicly and kill me politically. It was rooted in lies, half-truths, hyperbole and sensationalism. It was fueled by animosity, deceit, ambition, cunning, self-focus and self- aggrandizement. It was Machiavellian play at its most devious and calculating.

The Arizona Republic, particularly Craig Harris and Laurie Roberts, authored the MANUFACTURED CRISIS with direct support from former Senator Leah-Landrum Taylor, who led community engagement for me at DES. The MANUFACTURED CRISIS was maliciously accelerated and ultimately finalized by Elizabeth Thorsen, the State HR chief, with strong support and conniving involvement from Kirk Adams, the Governor’s Chief of Staff.

Why the HATE from these people?
Harris and Roberts are anti-Catholic, anti-conservative, anti-business and pro-status quo. They are hard-wired to dislike, if not hate, a guy like. My devout Christianity, love for First Amendment freedoms, passionate focus on accountability, and joyful insistence that DES be excellent are totally foreign to them in an agency director. NET-NET: they won, Arizona lost!!

Taylor is extremely ambitious, breathtakingly cunning and willing to slash and burn anyone who thwarts and/or opposes her. Unbeknownst to me, she wanted to oust me shortly after her arrival at DES. Taylor was hell-bent on securing my position even though I rescued her from the Arizona Department of Education and blessed her with (her) dream job” in the community.

Thorsen is a classic state bureaucrat. She is self-serving and duplicitous. She desperately wanted to cover up ADOA HR Division’s high level of involvement and regular support of the 475 exits at DES in an urgent multi-week effort to save her job and prove herself a HR heroine to Chief Henry Darwin.

Adams is a Machiavellian power player. He asked me to resign on Thursday, October 20th, and he finally vanquished me the day before Thanksgiving. He thrives on being the Governor’s savior.

What did I (aka Director J.) accomplish in 633 days?
  •   Joyfully transformed broken, calcified, suffering 43 year old agency deemed irreparable
  •   Increased DES Colleague Survey Score by 300%, and led all large state agencies by 2x to 2.5x thereby raising the overall state score 39% from 1.8:1 to 2.5:1
  •   Issued first-ever and second-ever performance merit payments to DES colleagues in 2015 and 2016
  •   Created agency-wide programs to provide tuition reimbursement for colleagues and bonus
    stipends for those who are bilingual to better serve clients
  •   Visited all 140 DES sites in Arizona, and all 24 state-owned group homes (164 different sites)
  •   Hosted over 500 colleague meetings, roundtable and town halls over 633 high energy dayspage1image24776
      Tripled the number of colleague donors to 1,165 to the 2015 State Employee Charitable Campaign (SECC) to benefit an array of state-designated charities, and led all state agencies
  •   Doubled the amount of charitable donations from DES colleagues to $178,000 in 2015
  •   Engaged over 400 community partners and non-profit organizations throughout Arizona
  •   Held unprecedented 1:1 meetings with 59 of 60 members of the Arizona House of Representatives
  •   Held unprecedented 1:1 meetings with 30 of 30 members of the Arizona State Senate
  •   Engaged senior tribal leadership with every one of the 22 Tribal Nations in Arizona
  •   Ramped up security at 16 largest DES offices housing approximately 72% of DES colleagues in urgent response to the San Bernardino Massacre at a California social services center for special citizens with developmental and intellectual disabilities
  •   Orchestrated the opening of several new DES multi-service centers and DES mobile outreach units throughout state to improve environments for colleagues and engagement with clients
  •   Staggered DES Service Center operating hours to better serve clients AND colleagues
  •   Banned DES colleagues yelling client names in service centers to facilitate respect and dignity
  •   Launched and vigorously led the “DES Colleague Freedom Initiative,” and successfully slashed as follows:
o Archaic DES policies by 51%
o Cumbersome DES procedures by 49% o Outdated DES forms by 31%
  •   Revamped DES Vision, Mission, Values, Goals, Priorities, Measurements and Outreach
  •   Transformed and changed over 90% of the DES Executive Leadership Team (ELT)
  •   Per the Governors direction, upgraded 6.2% of the DES colleague workforce (with goal of 10%) via various personnel moves and transitions impacting 475 employees (with goal of 770)
  •   Partnered with relevant law enforcement agencies to arrest 7 former DES employees for various offenses in an effort to root out fraud and corruption
  •   Per the Governors direction, reduced DES workforce by at least 2% (approx. 150 positions)
  •   Prepared and initiated actionable plan to reduce DES workforce by an additional 3% in
    2016/2017 and another 5% by December 2018 with intent to reduce DES employee count by
    approx. 770 employees to save $40 million annually and $200 million over 5 years
  •   Ranked #1 in America for establishing paternity for children in Arizona in 2015 and 2016
  •   Ranked #1 in America for in-home care of individuals with developmental and intellectual
    disabilities in 2015 and 2016
  •   Reduced case backlog in Adult Protective Services (APS) cases by over 60% via a highly successful optimization initiative designed to position our APS caseworkers to better engage, serve and protect our clients at risk of abuse and neglect
  •   Partnered with relevant law enforcement agencies to make 14 arrests for fraud and other offenses
  •   Launched “Project Quantum Leap” to retire 103 legacy custom IT systems in 24 months with a nation-leading unified Salesforce platform to revolutionize DES and ultimately social services throughout America; projected savings to exceed $200 million over 5 years 

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