Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Very good sign - Senate Conservatives Fund dares to oppose John McCain's reelection this time

In the past, this group has been afraid to challenge him. Not anymore. Now they see the writing on the wall. Far left Democrat Rep. Kyrsten Sinema is going to challenge McCain and she will beat him. No one (well, I did) thought she would win her first Congressional seat. But she has charisma and has (falsely) portrayed herself as moving to the right on illegal immigration and other issues. Let's hope the Senate Conservatives Fund rallies around Sen. Kelli Ward, a stalwart conservative who is the only one so far who dares challenge McCain in the primary.
"We recently surveyed our members in the Grand Canyon state, and 98% said they wanted a conservative alternative to support in the Republican primary." Wow. We can do this. Conservatives in Arizona are tired of being represented by the compromising, least liked member of the Senate, who has threatened so many conservatives in Arizona we've lost count.  Click here for the Senate Conservatives Fund "Replace John McCain."

Thats someone mother. kids dont have respect at all!

Posted by Ashlynn Young on Friday, May 1, 2015

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