Monday, April 27, 2015

Legal defense fund started for targeted conservative attorney and blogger Rachel Alexander

Michelle Malkin said about what happened to Rachel Alexander:

"Make no mistake: This is just another nasty battle in the Left’s long war to marginalize, demonize, and criminalize conservative dissent. The selective protection of free speech is unconscionable. The freedom to blog is under assault on so many fronts. It has to stop."

This legal defense fund was started due to friends shocked at what happened to Rachel Alexander, a conservative attorney, writer and former editor of a gun magazine - simply because she is a well-spoken conservative attorney who writes political articles and briefly represented Sheriff Joe Arpaio as one of his attorneys in 2010. 

This could happen to any of us on the right. State Bar associations and the judiciary are almost monolithically controlled by the left, as many of you know, even in red states like Arizona where Rachel lives. The legal system was abused to terrorize her and destroy her life, in one of the most egregious witch hunts I have ever seen. She is now in her sixth year of being targeted with no end in sight to the legal costs and defamatory media articles. The corrupt county government will not pay for an attorney, so she must come up with the money herself. Rachel could have caved in and ran, but she's not stopping until the corruption is cleaned out of Maricopa County, the Arizona State Bar and judiciary.

Please read her story, spread the word or donate whatever you can. Her friends would like to raise enough money to cover her legal costs. Rachel has started using her writing for Townhall and other well-read publications to expose the horrendous abuses against conservatives - both lawyers and nonlawyers -  around the country through misuing the legal system: Dinesh D'Souza, Rick Perry, Bob McDonnell, Tom DeLay, Ted Stevens, Sheriff Arpaio and conservative bloggers to name a few. Let's keep that ball rolling! 

Click here to read Rachel's horrific story

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