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Sal DiCiccio: An unsustainable problem

Sal DiCiccio City Council
Sal DiCiccio City Council
Sal DiCiccio City Council Sal DiCiccio City Council Sal DiCiccio City Council
Pension Spiking – Reforms Needed Now

"For example, in one instance, a former assistant fire chief increased his lump-sum retirement check by roughly a quarter of a million dollars, to $795,983, and he increased his annual pension benefits by more than $40,000 – to $130,046 a year." – The Arizona Republic, May 28, 2013

Today's Arizona Republic article by Craig Harris is a must read. When you have 10 upper level employees walk away with close to $1 million and THEN start their pensions – we have an unsustainable problem that needs to be fixed today.

It is also why people in my district have been getting nasty mailers that are clearly not true. It is because I am pushing to protect you and your families and am the only one standing in their way of getting more from you.

The nasty mailers are being sent by the same union bosses wanting to stop my reforms.

It clearly points out why I have been pushing important pension reforms at City Hall and why it is currently unsustainable.

  • I am the only council member to return $40,000 in city pension and perks.
    "According to records provided by DiCiccio's office, the councilman has for the last three years returned any city money he received for an auto allowance or retirement benefit. DiCiccio's payments back to the city total more than $40,000." – The Arizona Republic, May 3, 2013
Here are some other abuses I am trying to reform:
  • A clerk in their first year gets 40.5 days off.
  • The average compensation for over 15,000 employees is $105,000.
  • All pension and retirement costs in 2010 were $180 million. In 2013 they are now $247 million – forcing cuts to after school programs, senior services, parks, library hours and police on the streets.
  • Food Tax for Pay Raise Scheme – The food tax has brought in $145 million since it was forced on the public, and from that $145 million, the City of Phoenix has doled out over $137 million in pay raises. This is the same food tax that was promised to go to Police and Fire.
  • According to a city staff report, Phoenix could have hired over 350 new police officers for our neighborhoods if the pay raises in the current budget were not there.
  • Too many other examples of why WE NEED REFORM TODAY and why I am pushing hard to protect the taxpayer.
You have my commitment that I will continue to do all I can to protect you and your family. – Sal
Sal DiCiccio City Council
Sal DiCiccio City Council
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