Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Phoenix gun buyback money could be put to better use

by Alan Korwin

A publicity stunt, designed to give the impression that Phoenix officials are "doing something" about psychopathic murderers, will spend $100,000 buying mostly junk and rusted, inoperable guns (if past performance is any gauge), from savvy residents interested in getting $100 grocery cards for the trash in May.

"We've seen this before in cities nationwide and here in our own state," said Charles Heller, spokesperson for the Arizona Citizens Defense League, the state's most active firearms civil-rights group, who was not asked to comment on The Arizona Republic's front-page publicity for the event.

"At least the paper admitted this time that the stunt will have little if any effect on crime," he said. "Criminals won't turn in $700 guns for a cheap grocery card. Only idiots would stage such a stunt and imagine it's crime control."   The program is falsely called a gun "buyback," but obviously, you can't buy back something you never owned.   Read the rest of Alan's article on AZCentral

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