Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I wil be on the Austin Hill Show Wednesday morning to discuss the latest draconian gun control efforts

If you're up early Wednesday morning, I'm going to be talking to Austin Hill about Connecticut's new drastic and comprehensive gun control legislation.  It would turn power over to the state to choose who can buy guns and ammunition, basically requiring an "ammunition eligibility certificate." More than 100 guns will be banned. We'll also discuss California's bills to regulate and tax ammunition, and an attempt by Congressional Democrats to impose a $10,000 fine on gun owners who don't have insurance. If there's time, we'll discuss a new law passed by a city in Georgia which requires the head of each household to own a gun. Finally, we'll look at the new United Nations treaty being voted on that would effectively ban guns in the U.S. Listen to my interview as editor of Western Shooting Journal on Austin Hill's Idaho show. 7:05am PST (10:05am EST) ......click here to listen to NewsRadio KINF 99.1 FM live. Click here to check out Western Shooting Journal and subscribe (only $1.89/mth online). Use the discount code "Editor" and get 25% off a hard copy subscription.

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