Friday, December 7, 2012

Arizona Republican Latino Association endorses Robert Graham for AZGOP chair

Arizona Latino Republican Association
 P O Box 31514, Mesa, Arizona, 85275
 PHONE: (480) 788-2572


 The Arizona Latino Republican Association is proud to announce its exclusive endorsement of Mr. Robert Graham for Arizona Republican Party Chairman. As a successful businessman, accomplished author and staunch conservative ally of ALRA, we consider Mr. Graham to be uniquely qualified to serve as State GOP Chairman. Mr. Graham has exhibited a genuine understanding of what it will take for the GOP to make significant and long-lasting progress in the Latino community. He has also displayed a rare ability to unite and collaborate effectively with all levels of the party from the Congressional Delegation to grassroots volunteers. These are qualities that will prove to be indispensable as the Republican Party presents a united front to face the challenges ahead in 2014 and beyond.

Recent Congressional Candidate and ALRA member Gabriela Saucedo Mercer also announced her endorsement of Mr. Graham stating, "There were few Republicans in or outside of my district who supported my candidacy more than Mr. Robert Graham. His leadership, experience and honorable character are exactly what the State GOP needs to secure and enhance the party's ability to advance the freedom and prosperity Arizona's citizens deserve. I am so proud to endorse his candidacy as the next Chairman of the Arizona State GOP." In addition to ALRA's support for his candidacy, we also encourage all Republicans, who are eligible to vote in the January election, to give their support to Robert Graham for Chairman

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