Tuesday, November 27, 2012

IMPORTANT - Patriot Release #1 - Halt Voter Fraud

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Our country is not lost –YET.    Four or five brave American Governors can save our LIBERTY!
Have our brilliant founding fathers provided us with a means to save our American Republic???

The electors of each state will meet on the first Monday after the second Wednesday in December (December 17th 2012). A majority of 270 electoral votes is required to elect the President and Vice President. Four or five Governors of battleground states can save our American Republic. (Rick Scott, John Kasich, Tom Corbett, Bob McConnell and Scott Walker for example.) The total number of Electoral College votes in blue states with a Republican Governor is a combined 141 Electoral College votes.

If we target only five of these states (Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin) and have the local individual state activist groups submit resolutions in their states to withhold their Electoral College votes (BECAUSE OF MASSIVE FRAUD, etc…) there will be no winner in the Electoral College. We extend our chance to save our country and our LIBERTY.

We are pleading for four or five patriotic state activist groups to join our cause (Stop Voter Fraud NOW), organize efforts in their individual states and petition their Governors with a formal, widely supported resolution to recognize the massive voter fraud and the suppression of the military vote - and refuse to issue their state’s Certificates of Ascertainment in mid-December.

Patriots – this is the LAST CHANCE. It will be over December 17, 2012 unless we intervene. The time is NOW. Organize yourselves now. Let us know who you are and how we may help you in your state efforts.

This will be in the history books forever and YOU can be part of American history!!! This is actually a very realistic objective – the five Governors acting individually – combining their group results with our cause - withholding their Certificates of Ascertainment and their Electoral College votes – there will be no winner in the Electoral College process. Therefore, it will cause the election to be determined in the U. S. House of Representatives according to Article II of the U. S Constitution and the 12th and 22nd Amendments.

God Bless America.

News Bulletin – Late Monday evening, web site progress – domain name reserved, hosting, and programming is underway of our greatest tool. www.haltvoterfraud.com  Please bear with us as we grow – rampantly.

Liberty Through Action
Arizona Project
3375 E. Shea Blvd., Suite 2
Phoenix, AZ 85028
Ronald Ludders, Chairman


RoseRockSavior said...

Is anyone concerned that Obama won the 2012 election through widespread voting fraud? If you are prepared to accept this, can we expect the Democrats to fix every election from now on? If they get away with it this time, forget about freedom. Does anyone remember when Obama was caught talking to the important Russian emissary? He told him he would have more latitude to negotiate in his second term. I am firmly convinced that the voting scheme to win re-election was well planned many months before the election and he had no doubts about winning. The logistics and numbers to win in the swing states were precisely calculated and the fraud was initiated on November 6th. I gave my best effort in providing a way to keep this criminal out of office. it seems people are content to have this malcontent Marxist lead our country into ruin. This is my last plea to my fellow TTP members and the American people. Please contact your Governors and implore them to withhold their electoral votes to prevent Obama from taking the oath of office. This is a Constitutional method to prevent a criminal or despot from becoming the President of the United States. It is not too late, the electoral votes have not been submitted yet. Once they are, the most corrupt and sinister President in our history will once again become the most powerful man on earth.

RoseRockSavior said...

I am so frustrated because many of us know, beyond any doubts, that Obama fixed the election. One event of many events on election day stands out. Obama won each and every swing state while Romney won only the ones that did not matter. The odds of this happening are astronomical. It seem like the voting fraud was precisely mapped out. What makes it all so frustrating is that Obama can be stopped. A Constitutional Amendment to stop such a criminal from becoming President is right there for all to see. I will contact Jenny Beth Martin. I hate to bother you but do you have any contact info for her. I will not give up yet. A very dangerous man is about to become President again and I will use every ounce of my energy to show there is a way to stop him from destroying our country. Sure, there would be riots in the short term if Obama was denied the Presidency. However, the transformation of our country into a dark and bleak Socialist country will last forever.