Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Vernon Parker Pulls Ahead in CD9!

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Vernon Parker Takes the Lead Over Kyrsten Sinema
Voters Demand Sinema Reveal Names of
Murderers She Defended

Phoenix, AZ – Democratic Congressional candidate Krysten Sinema refuses to release the list of murderders she defended while working as a criminal defense lawyer. But now it’s become very apparent that voters aren’t letting her get away with it.

In an auto poll conducted on October 15th by The Summit Group, an overwhelming 63% of likely voters polled demanded she release her client list.

The race in CD9 has been a dead heat for weeks.  But in the days since Ms. Sinema has refused to release her client list, that’s changed.  Vernon Parker now has a several point lead in this race.

“The reality is, it’s a lose-lose situation for her, said Parker’s Communications Director Alyssa Pivirotto.  “Voters are upset that Ms. Sinema won’t reveal her client list.  But if they knew the murderers who are on that list, they would be appalled.”

The following are the results from Monday’s poll of 600 registered Republican, Democratic and Independent likely voters with a margin of error of 4.2% and a 95% confidence level:

When asked who people are voting for -
Parker                   44.46%
Sinema                  41.78%
UND                      13.76%

When asked if Ms. Sinema should release her client list-
Yes                         63.17%
No                          36.83%

Alyssa Pivirotto

Communications Director
Vernon Parker for Congress

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