Monday, October 1, 2012

Doug Ducey: No New Taxes, Vote No on Prop 204

No On 204

Dear Friends,

As your Arizona State Treasurer, coupled with my 20 plus years of experience as a businessman and entrepreneur in the private sector, solving problems and fixing budgets has been a big part of my career. That is why I am leading the effort to defeat Proposition 204.

Prop 204 raises our taxes $1 BILLION annually and FOREVER. This PERMANENT sales tax increase will give our state the 2nd highest sales tax rate in the nation. Its passage will delay our economic recovery and put Arizona back on the path of fiscal irresponsibility.

No On 204
This initiative breaks the promise that Arizona’s TEMPORARY sales tax would not become permanent. It is being deceptively marketed as essential for education, but carves out 14-different earmarks for special interest groups.

How can Arizona compete to attract and retain jobs with the 2nd highest sales tax rate in the country? It is simple - if Prop 204 passes in November, Arizona will lose jobs.

We need REAL education reform - Prop 204 is not the answer. Prop 204 does not guarantee that the money will be directed to the classroom and to the teachers where it is needed the most. It is a blank check that will provide more money to the same education funding formulas that are failing our teachers and our children.

We’ve worked hard through this recession to restore Arizona’s financial footing. We can not let the special interest groups pass a California-styled initiative that will prevent us from making the changes needed in the future that come with changing circumstances.

Please join me in opposition to Proposition 204 by clicking on the banner above.

Thank you,

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Doug Ducey
Arizona State Treasurer
Chairman - No New Taxes, No on Prop 204

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Major funding by Americans for Responsible Leadership, Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company, the Arizona Free Enterprise Club, and the Arizona Chapter of NAIOP.

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