Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bill Ponath for Desert Ridge Justice of the Peace at the Cave Creek parade

We had a great time yesterday with the Ponaths collecting signatures to get Bill on the ballot for JP. If you haven't seen the Cave Creek Fiesta Days parade you are missing out! There are plenty of tractors, Mountain Men, bars (floats complete with drunk ladies in corsets), political activists trying to save the rural areas, baton twirlers, Sheriff Arpaio as well as his challenger Mike Stauffer. Bill's wife Joan took some great photos, below. For more information on Bill, check out his website here.

 The parade starts!

That's Miss Arizona in the front of the float. We didn't dare interrupt people to ask for signatures when this float came along!

I don't think they had enough flags on this float.

 The Mountain Men! Poor guys must have been really hot underneath those outfits; it was over 80 degrees.

Bill and I collecting signatures. It wasn't too difficult since many in the crowd were drinking (at 9am in the morning!)

Me with Bill's awesome wife Joan

 We ran into the Jeff Flake team collecting signatures, that's our good friend Ami Franciso in the middle

Bankruptcy gurus unite! Me with my wonderful boyfriend Brian and Bill

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