Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Scottsdale Mayor Lane Endorses Steve Chucri for Supervisor

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 15th, 2011
Contact: Tyler Hudgins
Maricopa County – Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane today endorsed Steve Chucri for County Board of Supervisors.
Mayor Lane, a conservative voice on the Scottsdale City council since 2004, took his leadership to the next level in 2008 when he successfully ran for mayor.
“Steve Chucri is the right choice to move Maricopa County forward with transparent, accountable, and conservative leadership. He will end the senseless bickering and lawsuits and instead re-focus the Board on creating a climate for winning new private sector jobs,” stated Mayor Lane.
Chucri thanked the Mayor for his support: “Mayor Lane works tirelessly for the people of Scottsdale, and his commitment to the community inspires me. I am so grateful to have his support as I campaign to bring accountability and integrity to county government.”
Chucri became President & CEO of the Arizona Restaurant Association (ARA) in 2002, and under his leadership and tireless work ethic, the ARA and restaurant industry in Arizona has enjoyed a substantial growth in sales in what will amount to a nine billion dollar industry in Arizona this year alone.
As President and CEO of the ARA, Chucri represents business owners and sees firsthand how the actions of local, state, and federal governments can positively or negatively impact restaurants and other small businesses in Arizona. Chucri’s experiences as a businessman, husband, and father have given him invaluable insight into the needs of his community and ensure that, as County Supervisor, he will always put people before politics.

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