Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Governor Brewer not happy with Obama removing troops from the southern border

Statement by Governor Jan Brewer
Federal Drawdown of National Guard Troops from Border

“This is the wrong time for the Obama administration to call for the removal of National Guard troops from the southern border.

“It’s the wrong time when too many American communities remain under threat from illegal immigration and the Mexican cartels that traffic in drugs and humans. It’s the wrong time when the National Guard has had a positive effect on border security, though much work remains to be done in terms of completing the fence and adding manpower and other resources.

“The federal government should not consider reducing National Guard presence until local law enforcement officials and area residents indicate that the border has been adequately secured. Until then, talk of a drawdown – much less the reported removal of three-quarters of the National Guard force – is premature at best.

“I am aware that the Obama administration plans to replace National Guard boots on the ground with aerial resources. Both are critical to a comprehensive border security plan, however, and the sacrifice of either is short-sighted.”

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