Saturday, January 8, 2011

Maricopa County GOP grassroots teaparty slate for 2011

Rob Haney for Chairman
  • 1964, Business Management, Penn State University
  • 1964-68, Captain, USAF
  • 1996-2010, PC, State Committeeman, County & State Member-at-Large, District Chairman, Current County Chairman 2008-2010, Lincoln Bust Award
  • Mesa Right-to-life, Focus on the Family, NRA, Pachyderm Coalition, TEA Party, American Citizens United, AZ Republican Assembly, American Legion Post 75
  • Increased Maricopa County PC rolls 40% from 2,079 to 2,884
  • AZ Capital Times 2008-Man seen as the leader of AZ Grassroots Republican Movement. Endorsed by Sheriff Arpaio and Senate President Russell Pearce
Janet Contreras for 2nd Vice Chairman
  • 2001, Computer Science, Heald College, Calif.
  • Wrote Glenn Beck a strong conservative Constitutional letter which he read on his program; letter went viral around the country
  • PC, State Committeeman, Heritage Foundation, Tea Party
  • Republican Candidate for US Congress, CD 4, 2010
  • Endorsed by Sheriff Arpaio and Senate President Russell Pearce
Pat Oldroyd for Secretary
  • Married 50 years, 4 children, 10 grandchildren
  • Successful business owner 15 years
  • LD 19 PC, State Committeeman, County & State Member-at-Large, Dist. 2nd V. Chair 2002-04, Dist. 1st V. Chair 2004-06, Dist. Chairman 2006-2010,
  • MCRC Credentials & Tally Chairman for 5 years
  • Mesa Right to Life, Goldwater Institute, AZ Republican Assembly, Center for AZ Policy, United Families International, Family Watch
  • Lincoln Bust Award, State Party Worker of the year, Governor Pyle State Award
David Ludwig for Treasurer
  • 1988, B.S.B.A. University of Arizona
  • Small Business Owner since 1990, Fiduciary Advisors Ltd.
  • Pension Actuary
  • Married 22 years, three children
  • Chairman, Board of Trustees, EBT, Wash. Elem School District since 1997, Employee Benefit Trust, Worker’s Comp Trust, Casualty Insurance Trust
  • Chairman, Redistricting Task Force WESD – 2007
  • Member GUHSD Blue Ribbon Committee 2008/09- Budget Reduction Study
  • LD11 PC, State Committeeman, Chairman Credentials & Tally, Served on Nominating Committee
  • Member, NRA

Other Recommendation:
Vote “yes” on all Maricopa County Republican Committee Bylaw Amendments

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