Tuesday, July 31, 2018

8 corrupt tactics used against Trump are nothing new, were used against Rep. Rick Renzi

If you believe the establishment and the mainstream media, then you’re supposed to believe that there’s no such thing as the deep state, that there’s simply no way people like James Comey, Andrew McCabe and Peter Strzok would ever possibly conspire to stop Donald Trump and that the FBI and the Justice Department are led exclusively by men and women of sterling and impeccable character who would never deliberately interfere with America’s elections.
But the truth is that corruption, electioneering and partisan agenda-pushing are nothing new at the FBI and DOJ. Before corrupt officials in the FBI and the Department of Justice conspired to take down Donald Trump, they did it to Rick Renzi. 
Renzi is a Republican businessman who represented Arizona’s first congressional district from 2002 to 2007, before corrupt government officials successfully deployed an array of sleazy, illegal tactics to take him out. From illegal wiretapping to false testimony to evidence hiding, the political forces that ended Renzi’s political career and landed him in prison were relentless in pursuit of a corrupt political agenda to bring down a Republican rising star.
In 2008, an unholy alliance of politically connected prosecutors, corrupt FBI agents and lying witnesses managed to convince a jury to convict Renzi on bogus, trumped-up charges of corruption, ending his political career and unjustly sending him to prison for three years. They’re the same corrupt political forces that are trying to take down Donald Trump right now. These eight tactics used against Renzi are now being used against Trump and his associates:
  1. Code names. Both cases were given code names. The political hit job on Trump was called an”insurance policy” by the FBI’s Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. The hit job against Renzi was code named “Operation Eagle.”
  2. Fake dossiers. Both cases involved fake dossiers. Fusion GPS, working for Clinton’s DNC, paid a former British agent name Christopher Steele to compile damaging fabricated information about Trump. Stzrok then disseminated and executed the dossier. In Renzi’s case, a fake dossier was paid for by a South African businessman named Bruno Hagner, who hired a former FBI agent named Jim Elroy. Elroy disseminated it to his buddy FBI agent Dan Odom who then executed the dossier.
  3. Wiretapping. Both cases involved wiretapping. The FBI wiretapped Trump campaign officials, then denied it had happened. In Renzi’s case, FBI agents illegally wiretapped Renzi’s private conversations with his attorneys and lied to the judge that they had done it. Notably, in over 1,200 calls, they obtained nothing incriminating against Renzi, and the judge was forced to throw out the wiretap.
  4. FBI Document 302. Both cases involve FBI interview documents called “302s.” Strzok and others are currently under investigation for possibly changing an FBI 302. In Renzi’s case, it was confirmed in court records that FBI agent Odom destroyed exculpatory evidence and withheld a 302 interview of key witness Philip Aries, whose false testimony was central to the prosecution’s case.
  5. False testimony. Both cases involve lying under oath. Former FBI Director James Comey gave false testimony to Congress; in Renzi’s case, Odom knowingly manipulated witnesses to give false testimony to Renzi’s grand jury and at his trial.
  6. Robert Mueller. Special Counsel Robert Mueller is currently in the process of carrying out the “insurance policy” on Trump. Mueller was FBI Director when the FBI carried out “Operation Eagle” on Renzi.
  7. Unethical payments. The wife of former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe received $467,500 from Clinton crony Terry McAuliffe for her state Senate campaign, which many believe was in exchange for making sure the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails went away. In Renzi’s case, FBI agent Odom offered reward money to key witness Aries, who then changed his testimony after being told he would likely be paid. Aries speculated that he might get as much as $25,000, calling it a “home run.” Renzi was convicted on this key witness’s fabricated testimony.
  8. FBI spooks. The FBI planted spies in the Trump campaign. The FBI used a spy in Renzi’s congressional office to steal legislative documents out of his filing cabinet. They convinced one of Renzi’s staffers to steal these documents.
Even the personalities involved in each case bear a striking resemblance to each other. The chief prosecutor in Renzi’s case, U.S. Assistant Attorney Gary Restaino, is the same type of biased political animal as Andrew McCabe. Restaino gave thousands of dollars in political contributions to Clinton and Obama. Restaino’s wife worked for Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano, who feared that Renzi would challenge her for governor. Agent Odom, who executed Operation Eagle, is similar to Peter Strzok in that he illegally wiretapped Renzi’s attorneys, destroyed exculpatory evidence, knowingly developed false witnesses and offered reward money to the key witness in Renzi’s case, who then changed his story.
According to Sidney Powell, one of Renzi’s defense attorneys and author of “Licensed to Lie: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice,” “Politically motivated targeting and prosecutions of individuals has been increasing during the last 15 years, but dramatically increased during the Obama administration. … Prosecutors freely use many tactics to pressure or ‘persuade’ witnesses to testify the way the prosecution wants. They pile on charges that make it impossible to someone to defend himself. Many of these tactics would bring criminal charges of bribery or obstruction of justice or extortion if used by a defendant.”
The DOJ and FBI perfected these eight corrupt tactics against Renzi, and they are now using them against Trump. It remains to be seen whether Trump will be able to overcome the deep state’s disturbing ability to sweep its corruption under the rug. It’s way overdue to start drawing attention to these same, repeated tactics that are being used by the people who are supposed to be stopping crime. If they can get away with this much corruption taking down a congressman, they may be able to take down a president.
Reprinted from WND

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