Friday, August 25, 2017

Time For Maricopa County Supervisors To Put Past Away, Honor Assurances

Almost eight years later, Rachel Alexander and Lisa Aubuchon are still suffering from retaliation by the former Maricopa County Board of Supervisors for their roles in representing Sheriff Joe Arpaio alongside his attorney and their boss, former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas. Despite the fact that the two women were merely collateral damage in a political tug-of-war, the bureaucrats, working in the County’s Risk Management Department, are still racking up legal fees for the taxpayers.
Those bureaucrats are refusing to pay the cost of the disciplinary proceedings against the two former public servants, which cost them their licenses to practice law. Until those costs are paid, the Arizona State Bar will not consider readmitting them. Aubuchon has been forced to work as a paralegal. Alexander works as a journalist, unable to make payments on her ballooning law school loans. Thomas cannot practice law either (he is not part of the litigation but is also required to pay the $101,500).
The County claims that there was no employment contract between the two with the County, so the County’s insurance doesn’t cover it. This is preposterous. Both Alexander and Aubuchon were merit protected (covered) employees. They weren’t merely at will employees, employees on probation, or temporary employees. They had the fullest level of an employment contract possible.

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