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Those 40 fired DES employees who are being hired back?

Fired DES Director Tim Jeffries responds to the rehiring, explaining that they WERE fired for legitimate reasons. This is unfortunate for the good employees who now have to work with them again, and the poor will have to deal with them. As soon as I get ahold of their names I intend to expose as much as possible.

From comments he left at The Arizona Daily Independent -

Tim J., formerly "Director J." | December 24, 2016 at 8:33 am | Reply
From the “Fact Are Our Friends,” I note the following:
1) At DES, we reduced the size of the workforce by 2% (approx. 7,700 to 7,500) in line with the Governor Ducey’s initiative to reduce the overall size of government.
2) At DES, 475 employees (approx. 6%) were exited in line with Governor Ducey’s third expectation in his “8 Leadership Traits” memo to “weed out” the worst 10%.
3) The overall demographics of the 475 DES employees that were exited were in line with the overall demographic percentages of DES. Only poor performers and bad actors were targeted.
4) Per 2012 Personnel Reform, no reason is required for the release of an AT WILL employee yet legitimate reasons were still necessary for terminations during my directorship.
5) Every former AT WILL employee who was exited had the individual option to file legal action as the individual deemed appropriate.
6) Only one former AT WILL employee filed a legal claim, and she eventually withdrew her suit.
7) When I commenced my directorship approx. 1,800 employees were COVERED employees; when I concluded my work approx. 350 employees were covered employees.
8) My recollection is that during my directorship approx. 25 covered folks retired, and approx. 25 covered employees were exited.
9) Every COVERED employee who was exited had the individual option to file a grievance with the State Personnel Board.
10a) Only two former COVERED employees filed a termination grievance with the State Personnel Board, and the two DES actions were sustained.
10b) I heard one of the terminated covered employees was rehired which means ADOA overruled the State Personnel Board’s prior ruling sustaining the termination.
11) Overall, approx. former 1,400 covered folks continue to work at DES, and are eligible for annual merit payments (which is awesome for them and their families).
12) It will be interesting to review the list of the folks who will be offered jobs. I will not recognize every name. However, I will recognize some, and the some I recognize are ones that were terminated with a good reason or two or three or four…

Tim J., formerly "Director J." | December 24, 2016 at 8:58 am | Reply
I sure hope that this ex-employee (aka BULLY) is not rehired!!
From: DES HR
Sent: Thursday, May 26, 2016 12:17 PM
To: Timothy Jeffries
Cc: Relevant DES Executives
Subject: RE: Loved my job. . . .now don’t know what I am going to do. . .
Good afternoon Director J.,
(The ex-employee in question) was elevated to be exited based on her rude, hostile and unprofessional comments to other colleagues, as well as performance deficiencies. I have attached our synopsis for your complete review but I wanted to highlight a couple of substantiated examples are:
• (The ex-employee in question) admittedly stated to her supervisor, when speaking about the quality case reader, ‘I want to ring my case reader’s neck….the case reader is anal and I might as well shove my cane up her ass.’
• Concerns regarding (the ex-employee in question) interaction with colleagues was being discussed with her by her office manager. During the meeting (The ex-employee in question) stated she ‘Feels like everyone else here is just waiting time, are snot-nosed kids’, while pumping her fists in the air in anger.
• (The ex-employee in question) stated to her manager, regarding other colleagues, ‘I am sick of all these babies telling what to do, when they are still wet behind the ears and I would like to put them over my knee.’
Her violations of the TRIAD and lack of remorse, as well as performance issues and resistance to coaching toward improvement were of great concern and led to her exit.
Please let me know if you would like any additional information or details.
Have a great day!
Human Resources Administrator

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