Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Andy Biggs: A Proven, Trustworthy Leader for CD 5

The Arizona Senate is moving closer to completion of the latest budget, which means that President Andy Biggs will soon be unleashed full time to campaign for the U.S. House of Representatives.

Andy Biggs will be missed in the Arizona Legislature, where he has served faithfully and honorably for over a decade. Those who know him best will remember him as a person of utmost principle, yet someone who always held his door open for a conversation - even with those who most vehemently disagreed with him.

Andy's temperament and legacy is what has endeared him to his LD 12 constituents, and what ultimately factored in to Congressman Matt Salmon's decision to endorse him for the District 5 race. In a world where so many candidates trip over themselves for the rights of assumed powers and to be counted in the body of 1/435, Andy Biggs wasn't looking to go to Congress. He wasn't looking for an upgraded political position. He wasn't looking for fame or power.

Rather, Andy Biggs was looking to do a good job for his constituents.

Andy Biggs was looking to stand for what he believed in - no matter what the cost.

Andy Biggs was looking out for the interests of the colleagues he served with at the Arizona Legislature.

Andy Biggs was doing a good job with all of the little things he was entrusted with at the Arizona Legislature.

For over a decade, Andy Biggs has a proven record of standing for the free market, jobs, life, religious freedom, smaller government, veterans, strong border security, adherence to laws, and empowerment of the members of Arizona's public safety departments.

Most importantly, though, Andy has also proven that the system has not changed him, but that he has changed the system. That trait is becoming increasingly rare in our elected officials these days - especially those in DC. Relatively good, upstanding men and women with the best intentions of serving "the people" become corrupted in some way once they get off the plane and head to the U.S. Capitol. And still those who had no intentions of serving the people, but only themselves, exploit the angst and the frustrations that people have with Washington, DC, and give Congress its current reputation.

However, District 5 voters know that Andy Biggs is a rare breed. Voters know that Andy is a man who will not change by an upgraded political office and who will bring sorely-needed change to a system that is out-of-control. District 5 voters know that Andy Biggs is a man of his word and a man of integrity - and man who will work hard every day to earn trust and satisfaction of his constituents.

Andy Biggs is a man with a record that people know, and a conscience that people trust. Congressional District 5 voters deserve a man like Andy Biggs to continue the sterling legacy that Matt Salmon is leaving behind. They know that like Matt, Andy Biggs will not make them regret their votes for him at all.

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