Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Tonight! Conservative comedian Evan Sayet performs in Scottsdale

How Conservative Comedian Evan Sayet Competes With the Top Comedians

Conservative comedian
Evan Sayet is proving that conservatives can be successful in entertainment. Somehow he figured it out despite intense opposition toward conservatives in Hollywood. Last year, Evan Sayet started a national tour of his long running comedy show, The Right to Laugh, which did so well he’s now embarking on a return tour.

I attended his show last year when he came to Scottsdale, Arizona, and have never laughed so hard. Dennis Prager calls him “The funniest man in America.” Warning: I do not recommend bringing a progressive to his show if they don’t have a really good sense of humor. Evan’s style is sort of a cleaner version of Dennis Miller. What I personally enjoy about Evan is he is a true star, but he is also classy and nice. Can’t say that about many of the progressives in Hollywood.

Politichicks asked him why there are so few conservative comedians, and he

There are a good many reasons, but first and foremost amongst them is that people in the entertainment industry make so much money at such an incredibly early age that they are totally isolated from reality. The majority of conservatives in America only became conservative once they entered the real world and tested the theories of their childhood against reality. The entertainer, if you’ve heard his name, has never had to enter the real world and thus he never grows up to become a conservative.

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