Sunday, November 15, 2015


Oh look, Judge Snow is now considering going after Sheriff Joe Arpaio's underlings CRIMINALLY. When is the madness going to stop? I was only one of Arpaio's attorneys for a mere TWO AND A HALF MONTHS, not calling the shots, and they destroyed my bar license and I'm still fighting everything six years later. Like my friend Leigh wisely said to me, "at least they didn't go for the death penalty." Arpaio's enemies know the way to take him out is to tarnish and destroy those beneath him who don't have the money or connections to fight it in order to make them look crooked - they just cut off their attorneys like they did to us underlings, meanwhile they spend millions squandering the taxpayers' money to get us. When is everyone else - not just us conservatives and patriots - going to wake up and realize that spending millions to get Arpaio and people around him on behalf of sleazebags like Mary Rose Wilcox is not right? How many more lives have to be ruined at taxpayer expense to protect people like her?

Here's an article I wrote earlier this year on the trial against Arpaio. 

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Patty @littlebytesnews said...

I hope Ted Cruz is elected president and he prosecutes those who abused their power and retaliated against Arapaio and others. If nothing else hopefully all charges are dropped and the rule of law is restored.