Monday, July 20, 2015

Netroots Nation’s Group Identity Politics Disintegrates into Anarchy

For years, the right has been frustrated by the left’s ability to unite various interest groups successfully as a force. The right hasn’t had as much success, with factions calling each other RINOs and lecturing about Reagan’s 11th Commandment. Now, it looks like the left’s ability to work together is finally unraveling. It is happening because the left has become increasingly obsessed with identity politics, labeling everyone in groups and stereotypes instead of as individuals. As we all learned from history, grouping people by race resulted in terrible things like slavery. It is unsustainable, as it breeds resentment toward other groups.

Last week, Netroots Nation, the organization of progressive activists online, held its annual convention in Phoenix. With 3,000 attending, it is the largest regular gathering of the left. Speakers included Democrat presidential candidates Martin O’Malley and Bernie Sanders, an avowed socialist who was right at home among that crowd. But instead of listening to them speak, hecklers yelled and interrupted them until both were forced to leave the stage.

O’Malley began his speech talking about the need for ending private prisons and income inequality. Ironically, even though he was speaking about an issue President Obama and black leftists care about, prison reform, about 30 protesters streamed into the auditorium, chanting “Black Lives Matter” and yelling, “What are you doing to stop the killing of black men?” The protesters stopped his speech, and one took over the microphone for 15 minutes.

A typical tweet from a Netroots Nation attendee. Who is white.

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