Saturday, October 4, 2014

AZ Right to Life PAC endorses Shawnna Bolick for AZ House LD28

Arizona Right to Life Political Action Committee (PAC) is proud to endorse
Shawnna Bolick for AZ House of Representatives
Please take a moment to get to know Shawnna and why we encourage you to cast your vote for her as a representative in LD 28. Shawnna has responded to our request to answer the following questions so that our AZRTL community can become better acquainted with her and her dedication to the pro-life cause.
1)Why do you identify yourself as being pro-life? In my life, I have had a chance to work on behalf of educational choice and for Republicans Rick Santorum and Rick Perry who are as passionate about an issue as I am about school choice. Having worked for Senator Rick Santorum and Governor Rick Perry in my early 20s, I understood why they fought for the unborn. Protecting the unborn is a noble cause for all of us to wrap our arms around just like it's important to help neglected and abused children who are suffering in the CPS system. As a mother of two children and a mother who lost my first child to a miscarriage, I know how precious every life is. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I was placed on severe bed rest for 23 weeks.  Accepting doctor's orders I grew a beautiful little girl who will turn 10 at the end of November.  Life is beautiful and each life is deserving of love, grace and many dreams.
2) What do you perceive to be the biggest hurdle in defense of life? I think education is the biggest hurdle in defense of life and educating the youth about the importance of the life issue. Over time abortion rates have declined, but providing adequate education in defense of life would lead to fewer circumstances requiring abortion. As an employee at The Heritage Foundation in the late 1990s, one of my very first projects when newly elected Congressman Paul Ryan was first elected I assisted his district office utilize civil society programs that would give constituents choices other than government intervention or Planned Parenthood.
3) Where do you see your role, if elected, as it relates to the pro-life movement? The government exists to protect our natural rights and has a duty to protect the most vulnerable in our society. We all benefit when the law respects the dignity and value of every human life. I believe in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Like the neglected and abused children who may enter the CPS system, our unborn are the most vulnerable and deserve to be protected.  I will do everything I can as a state legislator to champion pro-life causes. I stand in favor of forbidding another taxpayer dollar going to Planned Parenthood and I promise to stop any additional federal dollars from reaching an abortion clinic.
4) How do you think Arizona can become a model state for others to follow in the pro-life movement? Arizona should protect the right to life because it is the foundation of all other liberties. I have gotten to know those actively involved with Students for Life as I believe this is the best starting point to defend life on campuses across this country and needs to be replicated elsewhere.
5) When you are not running for office, who and what activities bring you peace and joy? When I am not running for office, I am working full time as a Mom, wife, and Director of Business Development with a scholarship tuition organization that serves low-income, special needs and foster children through educational scholarships. When I am not working full time, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, hiking, photography, traveling, crafting, and catching up on my pile of recommended reading books.
Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona, NARAL Pro-Choice and Emily’s list have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars this election cycle to support pro-abortion candidates. Will you help us fight them? We need your support! 
Heather Johnson
Chairperson, AZRTL PAC

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