Saturday, April 19, 2014

National Review on Mark Brnovich: A Yugoslavian Mother’s Son

Mark Brnovich
Kathryn Jean Lopez 
‘Have you heard of the Little Sisters of the Poor?”
Earlier this month, all eyes were on Arizona, as a fight over a religious-liberties question morphed into a shoutdown about civil rights. Asked about it on a radio show, Mark Brnovich, a lifelong Arizonan, focused on a group of religious sisters who serve the elderly poor.
A former prosecutor, Brnovich, who is Eastern Orthodox, pointed to the Little Sisters to try to focus our civic attention on religious freedom. They are self-sacrificial women ensuring that the vulnerable are not cast aside and left alone. They are religious sisters who are among over 300 plaintiffs in 94 cases currently suing the Department of Health and Human Services over its Obamacare mandate that requires employers to provide health insurance that covers abortion pills, contraception, and sterilization. In the case of the Little Sisters, they qualify as a religious group under Obama-administration definitions, but still are mandated to provide their employees insurance coverage that violates their consciences. They are facing a choice that no one should be forced to make: either agree to a type of insurance that they believe is immoral, or face crippling fines, or get out of the business of serving the poor.

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