Thursday, July 25, 2013

Found this cool Magna-Arm gun magnet to park my gun in various places

Rach-magnaarmI came across this awesome neat little gadget that you MUST have.  I admit I’m a sucker for cool stuff, especially technology and technology related to guns.  The Magna-Arm gun magnet is small and a cinch to install (2 screws – although in the photo to the right I didn’t even bother using the screws; the magnet is powerful enough and also sticks to the metal in the table) Magna-Arms suggests it can be used behind a headboard or nightstand, inside a closet, or in a deer stand or duck boat. Use two for shotguns and rifles. Here I am with my Ruger .38 Special showing how it can easily be hidden under a table (well, if there is a tablecloth or sleeves coming down!) Click here for more photos of where you might put the magnet.  Only $20 – buy it here. And don't forget to stop by Western Shooting Journal regularly for the best updates on guns!


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