Wednesday, May 8, 2013

$52 million in raises/bonuses for City of Phoenix government employees - but what about pledge to repeal food tax?

Phoenix Budget Bombshell
City staff confirmed Tuesday in the proposed budget for 2013-14, there are $52 million in raises and bonuses - $29.9 million in new merit and longevity increases (in the private sector, those are called pay raises and bounces) and $23 million in continued restoration pay increases from last year. 
Yes, over $29.9 million in NEW raises.
It is unconscionable government employees getting these pay raises while the City continues to collect the food tax.  The public would find this more palatable if Phoenix followed through with its pledge to repeal half the tax by January 2014.
At the City Council meeting, I asked the following:
·    How many police officers could be hired with $52 million?
·    How many Fire fighters could be hired?
·    How many after school programs would $52 million fund?
·    How much longer could libraries be opened with $52 million?
·    How many senior programs could be restored with $52 million?
It’s a question of priorities.
The investigation by the Arizona Republic reported employees get walk away money, a “golden parachute”, ranging from tens of thousands of dollars to $100,000 or more. Some received close to $1 million.
You and your families are my priority and you have sacrificed enough.
You have my commitment to keep fighting for you and get Phoenix to follow through on ending the food tax.
My best to you and your family,

Sal DiCiccio
City of Phoenix
Councilman, District 6

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