Sunday, September 23, 2012

Don't believe the spin, Romney way ahead in Arizona

I am laughing my head off at the claims that Arizona may be a swing state. Romney is so far ahead of Obama in polls that it is unbelievable that pundits are bothering to waste time talking about Arizona. The latest polling average in Arizona from Real Clear Politics shows Romney up by 8.4%. Rasmussen Reports, considered the most accurate pollster, has him leading by 13%. The liberal Public Policy Polling has him up by 9%, and the newly formed Purple Strategies (and clearly biased to the left, despite being headed by both a Republican and a Democrat) has up him by 3%. Who do you believe, the tried and true Rasmussen Reports, or a new group that suddenly came out of nowhere, no doubt with a new name in order to disguise who is really behind it?

Prediction? Since the Republican candidate usually ends up doing slightly better than polls leading up to the election, I predict Romney wins Arizona by 15%. Brian agrees.

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