Thursday, June 7, 2012

Update on Agenda 21 and the City of Phoenix from Tea Party leader Wes Harris

In case you missed Dave Campbell's radio show with Rosa Koire last night on Agenda 21, the following is an excellent summation of what this is all about.  Like Sherry, I recommend that you get a copy of Rosa's book "Behind the Green Mask, Agenda 21" you will be amazed at how deeply this movement has penetrated our daily lives and our local governments.  

The City of Phoenix has been deeply involved in this for some time and even has a department called "Sustainability".  While they terminated their contract with ICLEI (the International Council on Local Environmental Initiatives) they still retain the programs which they purchased from them.  Their embrace of Light Rail (a system that is totally and absolutely uneconomical and never will be) investing billions of our tax dollars on this sham is the keystone of Agenda 21 that has mortgaged our children's future.  It also has our city now subservient to the Federal Government which demands, in return for the 'grant' money, that we conform to "Best Practices" when doing our planning and, much like the political redistricting, we must now get the Federal Government's approval of our 10 year plan...they rejected our last one and we are re doing it to conform to Agenda 21's dictates for high density housing with ground floor retail space around all light rail 'stations'. By the way, the "College of Sustainability" was hired by the Phoenix Planning Department to put this plan together and ASU is a known partner with the U.N.'s Agenda 21 project being one of the largest recipients of Grant money funneled through the"President's Council on Sustainable Growth" set up by President Clinton, suspended by President G.W. Bush and now going full tilt by President Obama.  The so called "Sustainable Development" plan for the down town and surrounding areas touted by our City's elected and appointed representatives over the last ten years follow this exact plan...just look at the 'condos' constructed around this area if you have any doubt.  All cookie cutter Agenda 21 models.  Our new Mayor (who was the City Council Member when all of this started) is still pushing "Sustainable Development", Smart Growth, and the many other programs that Rosa outlines in her book.  Note that this is not just in is all over this country.

If you have had occasion to go out to our "National" forests lately, you will be surprised to find that the roads that we paid to build on land that we paid for are now blocked off to human traffic and we are not allowed to be there any longer.  No laws have been passed to restrict our exploration of our natural lands, the Government has just decided that we are no longer welcome...this is the government that is there at the behest of "the Governed", us.  This is Agenda 21's edict...vast areas of our lands are no longer intended for our use.

You will be pleased to know that Rosa will be back on the air in Phoenix soon and Dave Campbell will let us all know when that is.  In the mean time, please go to the face book page "Wake up call to Agenda 21" and check out what is happening all over this country...and the world...pushing the One World Order.  The Treaty of the Sea and the current U.N. small arms treaty that Hillary Clinton is pushing are both Agenda 21 items.  The true danger of these treaties and treaties of this type can be found by reviewing Article VI Paragraph 2 of our U.S. Constitution which gives 'treaties" the status of our Constitution as the supreme laws of the land.  We must be ever so careful to make sure treaties of this type are never ratified by the U.S. Senate.  Unfortunately Senators like our John McCain lean in the direction of this movement for a One World Order as he is a member of the Bilderburgs, the Tri Lateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Affairs...all "NGOs" (Non Government Organizations).  The Bilderburgs are meeting now as we secret. 

Smart meters being installed by APS are part of the "Smart Grid" Agenda 21 program.  Europe is now entirely on the Smart Grid system and at the first hearing by our Corporation Commission on Smart Meters APS actually brought a PHD from the United Nations to the meeting to testify in favor of both of these systems.  Again...Agenda 21 is all around us on every front in every house (with smart meters)...everywhere and only your knowledge and action will stop it from it's sinister goal.  I urge you to check it out and get involved.

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Villa de Paz Gazette said...

have you guys seen about the City of Phoenix Council and Mayor approving that hideous View 32? i think it's about time for a Recall of all of these politicians who are following the UN to our determent.