Saturday, May 14, 2011

Russell Pearce and Eric Johnson unveil new charity

Pearce Johnson Foundation

CONTACT: Eric Johnson
Pearce Johnson Foundation to support Clean Water for Haiti
Phoenix, AZ – Taking a break from the political issues that usually keep them occupied, Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce and conservative activist Eric Johnson have begun a new charitable effort whose aim is to bring clean water to Haiti first, then other developing countries.
“The PearceJohnson Foundation is described as a nonprofit humanitarian aid and development organization that will promote and support the improvement of human health and living conditions worldwide.” said co-founder Eric Johnson, “But the simple way of describing us is that we are dedicated to bringing clean water to impoverished nations so that we can save lives.”
“It is impossible to see the needs and dire conditions in so many of these countries without responding and trying to do something about it.” said Russell Pearce, adding “Nothing is more fundamental and life-sustaining than clean water, so that is where our focus will be.”
While both Pearce and Johnson are known in political circles for their involvement in Arizona policy issues, each has been involved in their communities or with similar causes for a long time. Johnson worked as a Governmental Liaison Officer with the American Red Cross Disaster Services, and Pearce is a fifth-generation Arizonan whose family has been involved in building growing Arizona for more than 150 years.
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