Saturday, February 19, 2011

Another reason why you need to take my social media seminar/CLE for lawyers and other professionals

Do you know the easiest and cheapest and fastest way to set up a website that people will find easily, which can then link back to your practice, hobby, or personal page? I just set up a free website in less than half an hour, using practically no HTML or coding skills, that will now capture searches from lawyers in Arizona looking up Continuing Legal Education. The total cost to me? $12 for the domain name I'm not hiding any extra costs either, there is no cost now or in the future for this website. If you're a solo practitioner or small firm, you NEED THIS SEMINAR to discover secrets like this.  Don't pay an overpriced programmer thousands or even hundreds of dollars to create and maintain a website for you. Register for my seminar now and learn all of my inside secrets.

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