Sunday, May 1, 2016

Paul Gosar's Hypocrisy: The Paul Ryan Edition

Is Paul Gosar a principled conservative?

He'd like to make you think he is. The truth of the matter is something entirely different.

In 2015, Paul Gosar made a spectacular one-man show of boycotting the Pope and voting against Paul Ryan for Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. Gosar's Ryan vote came after the Republican caucus had already decided on Ryan for Speaker, and also after Gosar's choice, Representative Daniel Webster, told his supportive colleagues that he didn't want them to vote for him on the floor of the House.

In a statement provided to Breitbart, Gosar gave his reasoning for voting against the incoming Speaker on the floor: “Since coming to D.C. in 2011, I have attended hearings, briefings and meetings about the serious problems facing our country. I travel home to my district every week and I have listened to the people and their concerns. The common theme wherever I go is that we can’t just keep doing things the way they ‘always’ have been done. We can’t continue to operate with a lack of transparency and with a blind eye to the will of the people.”

However, that wasn't the sentiment from Gosar in 2012 when it came to Paul Ryan. In fact, Paul Gosar praised the selection of Paul Ryan for VP, calling him a "bold choice for a vice presidential selection," and claiming that he was "qualified to assume the second highest post in America."

Wait.....According to Paul Gosar, Paul Ryan was qualified for the second-highest post in America, but not for the third (Speaker of the House)? Something isn't adding up here.....

Gosar's 2012 statement went even further, attacking his more-conservative challenger Ron Gould for opposing Paul Ryan and his budget, saying: "My opponent Ron Gould, opposes the Ryan Budget and opposes serious efforts to balance the budget as laid out by the Ryan Plan." 

(In plain english - when it's favorable to support Paul Ryan, Paul Gosar will do so; when it's favorable to oppose Paul Ryan, Paul Gosar will do so.)

That's not principle. That's hypocrisy for political expediency.

Paul Ryan has remained remarkably consistent throughout his long and stellar career in the U.S. House of Representatives. People had many of the same agreements and disagreements with Paul Ryan for over a decade. If anyone has changed, it's been Paul Gosar and not Paul Ryan. 

Paul Gosar sought to embarrass the Republican Party in 2015 with his boycott of the Pope and with his vote against Paul Ryan for Speaker of the House. There was nothing to gain from either of his moves - only an insatiable self-serving interest as Gosar sought the favor of conservative activists in his district, masking his real beliefs with extremely toxic rhetoric.

The constituents of Paul Gosar's district are quickly realizing that their Congressman is hurting his influence with his hypocritical crusades of conservative fire breathing. Gosar's effectiveness on behalf of his constituents could be so much more, but for the fact that he sets out to alienate those who can most help District Four. Paul Gosar's leash is running short in the district, and his constituents are nearing a fork in the road to walk away from his services. 

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