Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Paul Gosar on the U.S. Constitution

What does Representative Paul Gosar really believe about the U.S. Constitution? Watch and see for yourself....

Paul Gosar may claim to be a Constitutional conservative, but he does so only when convenient. This video of Gosar's own words about the U.S. Constitution shows what he truly believes when it comes to the most important document that governs the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Though this video did not receive too much traction in Arizona after Gosar uttered those words about the U.S. Constitution, Club for Growth tried its best to highlight the serious flaws about Gosar's candidacy to voters in the district. In a press release at the time, Club for Growth Communications Director Barney Keller said, "Congressman Gosar just told the people of Arizona that he won't fight for the Constitution and limited government. It's not surprising, considering Congressman Gosar voted to raise the debt ceiling by trillions while opposing even modest spending cuts."

District Four voters have another chance to redeem themselves and to send a message to Representative Gosar that his attitude towards the Constitution in unacceptable. Representative Gosar is a pseudo conservative, and his brand is dangerous for the Republican Party and for the platform and principles on which they stand.

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