Friday, April 22, 2016

Paul Gosar's Ties to Pelosi, Reid, and Obama

At times, the loudest person in the room is often trying to compensate for or to distract from something that they don't want anyone else to see.

Like Paul Gosar.

Paul Gosar has always talked a good game when it comes to upholding conservative principles, fighting Obama, and taking on Eric Holder or the IRS. Not only does he talk, he yells. He blusters. He makes sure that people understand he is not happy with whomever he is not happy with at the moment.

So by creating all this noise, what is Paul Gosar trying to hide?

Anyone hear of the American Dental Association PAC? 

If one were to look up the American Dental Association PAC, he (or she) would find that this PAC has donated to a whole host of political candidates and incumbents throughout the years, including the most notorious leftist Democrats this country has ever seen.

Democrats like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Barack Obama.

Paul Gosar has contributed thousands of dollars to the American Dental Association PAC. By doing so, he has helped to facilitate the donations of dollars to the campaign coffers of the very people he has railed against in Congress.

Gosar may claim that his dollars were meant to go to Republicans; or that since he is a dentist, he was expected or encouraged to donate to the American Dental Association; or that this PAC only is concerned with dentistry issues on the Hill.

But by trying to thread the needle and make excuses for his donations, Paul Gosar would only be playing the Washington game - the same Washington game that he assails almost each and every day that he is in Congress. 

Americans are tired of politicians who say one thing, and do something completely different. Paul Gosar had a choice to send his money to an organization or a PAC that exclusively supported conservative Republicans.

He did not. He chose the PAC that supports Pelosi, Reid and Obama.

And now Paul Gosar yells to keep you from finding out the truth about his past.

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