Friday, April 15, 2016

Paul Gosar insults Catholics, embraces pro-abortion Democrats

Last year, Representative Paul Gosar made headlines across the nation when he boycotted the address from Pope Francis to Congress. Gosar was so sincere about his boycott of the Pope’s address that he even attempted to make money off of his brazen and desperate ploy for publicity.
In his contrived reasoning for the boycott, Representative Gosar stated that he initially wanted to hear the Pope discuss the “intentionally planned genocide of unborn children by Planned Parenthood and society”; and that he went forward with the boycott because “when the Pope chooses to act and talk like a leftist politician, then he can expect to be treated like one.”
All talk and no action.
Many Republicans and conservative-leaning independents still want to know why Representative Gosar has never publicly boycotted one of President Obama’s State of the Union addresses, and yet he chose to do so with the one of the most respected and revered men in the world and the leader of Catholicism.
In fact, Paul Gosar has (for the most part) embraced the glamor and the camaraderie of the State of the Union addresses, choosing to sit meekly in the audience, listening to, arguably, the most pro-abortion, pro-climate change President that this country has ever seen. Of course, the press releases condemning the President’s State of the Union proposals have flown out of Gosar’s Congressional Office in the aftermath of such addresses – but never a public boycott of President Obama.
Paul Gosar even took his chumminess with the State of the Union, the President, and other Democratic colleagues to a new level one year, intentionally seeking out Representative Elijah Cummings to sit next to during a recent State of the Union Address. A Gosar spokeswoman said that “Rep. Cummings has long been a champion for children….and Dr. Gosar is looking forward to sitting next to him.”
That “champion for children” Gosar’s office referred to has a lifetime rating of 100% from the Planned Parenthood Action Fund and 0% from the National Right to Life Committee. And yet Representative Gosar sought out Cummings to sit next to during one of President Obama’s States of the Union.
This example shows the inconsistency of Paul Gosar and of his rhetoric and actions. Though Gosar may have a relatively conservative voting record throughout his tenure in Congress, his true colors are exposed from time to time.
If Paul Gosar didn’t think that President Obama’s States of the Union were important enough to boycott (although he did quietly stay back in the district for at least one of the addresses), then there should have been no reason good enough to boycott Pope Francis last year, insulting an entire religion in the wake of his decision. With Congress as divided as it is already, the last thing we need is for so-called conservatives to pick and choose where they want to stand on principle, giving the party and our cause a bad name when they do so.
It’s past time for Paul Gosar to apologize to Catholics for his political attempt at embarrassing their religion and their leader.

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